The Joy of the Better
Dessert Recipes!

From time to time, we do our best to impress our family and friends with the most delicious dessert recipes. Few things surpass the togetherness with loved ones over a cup of coffee and a “slice of heaven”.

Who hasn’t been there, reminiscing on the good times, on a Sunday afternoon.

But all desserts aren't made equal. The ones bought at the supermarket are often “off balance”, making them too sweet, too fat or both.

As someone who has been baking sweet pastries from their teenage years, following masters such as Pierre Hermé and Ramon Morato, with each recipe you have to respect the ratios.

Great patisserie does not leave much room for improvisation, making the scale and measuring beaker essential instruments.

We will need to make use of the metric system because measurement matters. Once mastered, you'll appreciate the difference between volume measuring and the metric system. It's precise and very efficient.

Taste and texture will be more refined!!

It is not All
About the Sugar!

The sweetness of a dessert is the main flavor, but even so, it should not dominate other ingredients. Using too much sugar will mask other flavors.

Instead, sugar should be the supporting element to maintain a dessert's consistency, making them more enjoyable. Just like you would taste the different ingredients of the main dish.

Too little on the other hand will make bland dessert recipes.

Unfortunately, sugar is being demonized because bucket loads are being consumed unknowingly, so to speak. In moderation, the sweet grains can be part of a normal diet.

The food industry have a direct and indirect part in how much we consume.

Health and Mind

The sweet flavor and variety of dessert recipes have been changing since ages. Ever since the drop in price in the 1700's. Dessert making became somewhat of an artform, especially in France.

Nowadays, global health concerns (the obesite pandemic and related disorders) are making some of us avoid desserts. Others are rethinking the way they’re made.

We are wrong to think the issues are because of desserts!!

Star restaurants have elaborated healthy dessert recipes for many years. Suddenly we're more mindful about what we eat at home while the better restaurant honoured health conventions for many decades.

Know that about 80% of packaged foods (processed industrial foods) at your local store contain a large amount of sugar comparable to certain candybars.

Always read the label because one can of, for example, pasta sauce can contain more sugar than your favorite chocolate bar.

We have too much on a daily basis either without knowing or through a bad habit.

Both are the real reason of the obesity problem with sodas as the main contributor. It doesn't have to be that way.

We can take matters in our own hands by avoiding certain industrial foods, by being more selective, by cooking ourselves or the next best thing. A good take away that makes their dishes from scratch!

Making Good
Dessert Recipes

Dependent on the type, certain elements of a recipe can be modified to make a dessert less calorie dense...

...while maintaining (or even improving) taste, texture and overall composition.

We can do that with the following:

  • Air (air pockets don't have calories).
  • Sugar (this can be reduced or replaced, or how about a sugar-sucralose mix?).
  • Fat reduction.
  • Fibres (they slow the absorbtion of simple carbohydrates).
  • Portion size.

...and the right amount of each part. In other words, I'd prefer a bavarois with a thin base, the carrier.

These are principles respected by many culinary schools, including Le Cordon Blue.

The dessert recipes you’ll find here are broad in variety. Most of them however, are well balanced and nothing short of exquisit.

Some tradional recipes, such as the sachertorte, are high in fat. Like they have always been