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Make Homemade Dessert
Recipes Better!

What if you knew how to make homemade dessert recipes to impress your family and friends? Few things surpass the togetherness with loved ones over a slice of heaven.

The inside of a Parisian pastry shop with many desserts on a glass counter.A Parisian patisserie. Note the interior design!

Surprise them with your favorite dessert. Some are easy to make, others more involved or even artsy. But in the end, plain delicious! Find them here or create your own recipes.
Good dessert making is not complicated if you know how. You will learn the techniques to make a French pastry chef jealous.

Grandma Said It

But dessert recipes are not made equal. The ones bought at certain stores are often off-balance. They are too sweet, too fat, or have too many additives.

Like our grandmothers, any good chef will say homemade desserts are better and healthier. Those words have been said before and are even more true today!

Why? Because more and more bakeries and patisseries use substitute, artificial ingredients.

Dessert Recipes
are Mostly Failsafe

I've heard enough bad luck stories. The cake is raw inside, the egg batter will not foam, the dough doesn't rise enough, and so on.

Frankly, there are enough books and websites with flawed recipes. I've even seen a few with missing (but critical) information as the baking time, an ingredient, or the order of combining them.

It's enervating since you spent the time and money wanting to make something good.

However, this is the exception rather than the rule. Mostly, dessert recipes are put together with the idea that you already have some experience. For the layman, it'll take time and practice.

What's often not known or misunderstood is that we are dealing with chemicals interacting with each other under changing atmospheric conditions and different equipment.

Tip: Forget the 30-minute rule to bring certain ingredients to room temperature. Butter in pieces takes 1,5 to 2 hours, and never forget the skewer!

Good patisserie needs a certain accuracy, making the scale and measuring beaker essential instruments.

Volume measuring or metric measuring, both are good.

Metric measuring, however, allows the accuracy required for certain recipes. If refinement is what you need, use metric measuring.

the right Amount of Sugar to
Make Homemade dessert recipes

Parisian pastries with in the front a Tarte Fraises.Parisian Pastries

The sweetness of a dessert is the dominant flavor. However, it should not dominate other ingredients. Using too much sugar will mask certain ingredients.

Conversely, too little sugar will make bland desserts. The right amount adds consistency and more deliciousness.

The famous family sweets would certainly lose what made them popular in the first place.

European Desserts

In Western Europe, where modern patisserie began, there is this tradition of having a dessert with the family, usually around the weekends.

We have a lot to thank the early pastry chefs in France. Their patisserie shop, often an art-nouveau style, was a work of art. Customers flocked to see which new pastries were on the window counter.

Today, people are still approaching the windows to admire the sweet marvels.

A lot of desserts we know today derive from those early creations. Eclairs, mille-feuilles, and frangipane are just a few known names.

Let family and friends come together to enjoy golden moments. They would be curious to try your artwork.
I'm sure there's at least one of the homemade dessert recipes that you will enjoy making.

Have a lot of fun...