Cream Recipes

Cream recipes are standard in any pastry shop. These are delicious as stand-alone desserts and as filling for your creations.

I have a slight preference for the richness of mousses. But don't let it fool you. It's the balanced combination of flavors in a dessert that will be decisive.

The moistness of a cream combines very well with the dryness of puff pastries such as choux. Many of these creams can serve as a supportive or as a main ingredient.

They're often used in pies and pastries. Would a twinky be the same without the filling?

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Orange Cream
Smooth silky orange cream. Can also be used as a warm sauce for ice cream.

Cava Sabayon
Creamy wine sabayon has multiple uses, including as a dessert sauce.

Chiboust cream in a ceramic cup.

Chiboust Cream
Often used as a millifeuille (thousand leaf) filling, the chiboust cream (also cream Saint-Honoré) is versatile enough to suit various desserts.

Pastry Cream
Pastry cream is very versatile as it combines well with many flavours. But you may enjoy it as a dessert too!

Hazelnut Cream
Strictly used as a filling cream, the hazelnut cream combines well with other flavours except maybe sourness.

Chocolate Sabayon
Its refined taste and texture surpasses the mousse variant.

Chocolate Cream
Chocolate lovers are going to appreciate the aroma coming from this one.

Lemon Curd
With a similar versatility as pastry cream, lemon curd isn't as commonly used in patisserie.