Dessert Supplies

Less actively used but not less important. These dessert supplies make your life as a hobby chef so much easier. They go hand in hand with general dessert tools. Take a look at the latter for an overview.

I couldn't do without baking paper. Besides its non-sticking surface, it also keeps the oven cleaner and limits the usage of greases.

Like baking paper, other inactive materials may be useful to your personal working methods.

Some of the supplies, among them mixing bowls and cooling racks, are a must in your kitchen. They are part of the kitchen essentials, if not, at least part of your beginner's dessert tools set.

Cooling rack
Baking paper
Pastry grid
Baking mat
Marble board

Bowls & Trays

Lets not forget those recipients to either contain/blend ingredients or serve desserts.

When the occasion is important enough, one thing often overlooked is the presentation

People with an eye for art and beauty probably would appreciate an appetizing piece of dessert with a matching plate or tray. 

It's always a good idea to please "customers", as long they are our friends and family that might be independent of that finely decorated dessert tray.

You may have different priorities in that sense.

There's a lot of choice out their, from ceramics to chromed metals.

It will take some patience to find the "right" dessert carrier according to your critical eye. There's no rush.

Dessert plates
Dessert trays
Mixing bowls
Dessert stand
Oven trays

Dessert Supplies for Presentation

Foods and drinks have become big business and are integral part of our daily life. We could almost speak of an artform.

You can't go outside, or even indoors watching tv, or you'll come across something related to cooking. It's that big of an industry.

For some of us cooking can be exciting, sometimes addictive, keeping us for hours in the kitchen. But we love it

Because we are putting part of us in it, our talent, for everybody to see and taste. A way of showing our abilities. Like a magic trick!

Dessert supplies for serving purposes give that extra to round off the time and effort spent in the kitchen.