Dessert Techniques

The advance of culinary technology changed many dessert techniques whilst new flavors and shapes were tried out. In doing so, newer ways of preparing them became almost an art.

In the last few decades, advanced or less common methods made it to our homes thanks to a more ample marketplace, offering a wider variety of tools. Even professional grade is only a few clicks away.

It doesn't take a degree to make the perfect dessert. With the right tips and tricks most of us can prepare outstanding desserts. 

A Thousand and
One Techniques

Apricot coating

The truth is, you can fill a whole book and you'd still only cover a part.

That's because dessert techniques involves more than cutting apple rings and other basic processes. Moreover, the process of making a dessert doesn't always stop when it's baked/set.

Anywhere in the process from preparation to after baking/setting may require a certain skill set needed for a perfectly finished dessert.

Obviously, you don't need to know that many to get the job done. The average family sticks to a few recipes and then you have the hobby chefs who love experimenting with new ones. That may require one to learn new preparation methods.

It Takes Knowledge

Basic techniques are a must in the preparation of ingredients. Desserts prepared by yourself do need a certain handling for it to have the right consistency.

We're not always aware of the how and what and just make each step of the process the best we can. There's always room for improvement.

Sometimes it'll take the correct technique, an attention to detail or both.

What may have been a difficult task, with some knowledge, skills can be acquired to make certain tasks easier or better. Sometimes learnt in an instant, other-times it'll take some practice.

The Different
Dessert Techniques

We can further categorize through the different dessert types:

  • Pies and cakes
  • Batters
  • Creams and custards
  • Mousses and Souffles
  • Pastries
  • Ice Creams
  • Fruits

Hopefully you'll master the techniques in this section for what you are going to make. The novice will certainly find relief when doubts arise.

With some patience you'll learn to make delicious desserts at home. Experience is not required. The basics (such as cutting, curling, melting, grating, etc...) are just as important as all other parts of the process.