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Welcome! Here are a few of the many homemade dessert recipes for you to try out.

Find a preferred recipe using the searchbox, country flag or alphabetical listing below. Recipes without country of origin can still be found in the alphabetical listing.

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Belgian Rice Pie
Well known in the low countries of the Benelux, the pie remains a top dessert.

Liège Waffles
Warm they make an exquisite treat. No garnish needed.

Smurfs Pie
Easily ranks among the better pies. Created in 1977 by Belgian baker Lucien Swinnen.

NY Cheesecake
This smooth and rich tasting cake can be easily made with low fat cream cheese using exactly the same recipe.

Irish Apple Cake
Care for a little whiskey in your cake? 

Salzburger Nockerln
Another Austrian dessert. Smooth, soft and creamy are the keywords.

Red Wine Cake
Chocolate chips and red wine combined in a cake.

Flake Pie
One of the few pies made with choux pastry.

Hasselt Speculaas
Spicy almond cookies. Once baked for the Belgian troops, now popular in many regions of the world.

Classic German fruit pie with a biscuit mass base.

Milhojas de Turron
The combination of turron mousse, puff pastry and chocolate glaze makes it a winner.

Palmer House Brownie
Over a hundred years old, this recipe never bores. The original brownie.

Perfect Tiramisu
Sweet, creamy mascarpone with eggs. Taste the silkiness of this mixture.

Apple Cake Extra
Sometimes you come across a recipe that just works in every aspect. Great taste and texture. Have it with vanilla tea!

Strawberries in Red Wine
A typical summer dessert with a "punch" of fruit.

Brussels Waffles
Almost always served with garnish. This is often whip cream combined with fruit and/or a sauce.

Paganini Pastry
Not too sweet but not boring either.

Chocolate Mousse
A little decadence can't hurt. Mousse with a strong cocoa aroma.

Custard Berliner
Here it is, by popular demand! A soft yeast doughnut with vanilla cream.

Its crusty texture, the honey, the sesame seeds with a hint of orange zest can be an addictive combination.

Lemon Meringue Pie
Classic desserts have been around long enough for a reason.

Turkish Baklava
A traditional alternative of the popular filo baklava.

Swedish Cardamom Cake
A spicy cake from Northern Europe. 

A traditional Belgian sweet bread made with eggs and milk.

The famous sachertorte pie made for prince Metternich of Austria in 1832.

Carrot-Nut Cake
A European oldie going back to medieval times.

French Madeleines
A cake in your pocket. Tender mini cakes with a touch of lemon. 

Bossche Balls
Ok, all you addicts, sweet tooths stand in line! Sweet vanilla cream and chocolate ensure another round.

Mango Chiffon Pie
An American classic. The light and fluffy chiffon pie.

Grandma's Waffles
Everybody loves a warm waffle, freshly made!

Chocolate Sabayon
Its refined taste and texture surpasses the mousse variant.

Quatre Quarts Cake
Easily recognized by its wonderful aroma.

Innsbrucker Pie
An unsual blend of rum, almond and candied fruits.

Sand Pie
Made for those who love the taste of buttery cake.

Classic Doughnuts
Everybody loves a traditional American doughnut.

Pumpkin Cake
Pumpkin combined with hazelnuts. The perfect cake for the Halloween season. 

Omelet Strawberry Souffle
Simple yet effectively yummy! 

Its richness will certainly keep you savouring each mouthful. An old dessert dating from the 1830's.

Delicious, plain and simple!  

Lemon Bavarois
Or Bavarian lemon cream. As good as ice cream without the head freeze!

Cherry Clafoutis
For all you cherry and custard lovers. Mind the pits! 

Piñon Muffins
Something different for breakfast? Yes, please! A slightly sweet bread with pine nuts.

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