Individual Dessert Recipes

Individual desserts usually take more time to make as there's more manual work involved. In family circles it's doable unless a special occasions demands a larger number of desserts.

Professionals have their tools to minimize processing time. On a consumer level however creativity is not to be underestimated. You may find tips in the techniques section or something that may spark an idea.

However you deal with baking large quantities of individual desserts see if you need to make a checklist of the different processing steps involved. 

If they're for example souffles, a batch batter doesn't stay too long in the open air before baking.

* * * *

French Madeleines
A cake in your pocket. Tender mini cakes with a touch of lemon. 

Delicious, plain and simple! 

Hasselt Speculaas
Spicy almond cookies. Once baked for the Belgian troops, now popular in many regions of the world.

Its crusty texture, the honey, the sesame seeds with a hint of orange zest can be an addictive combination.

Paganini Pastry
Not too sweet but not boring either.

Raspberry Mousse
There's something about the taste of raspberries that works in many ways. One of my favorite fruits in patisserie. This recipe is low-fat.

Brussels Waffles
Enjoy these thick Brussels waffles with whip cream.

Bossche Balls
Ok, all you addicts, sweet tooths stand in line! Sweet vanilla cream and chocolate ensure another round.

Palmer House Brownie
Over a hundred years old, this recipe never bores. The original brownie.

Omelet Strawberry Souffle
Simple yet effectively yummy! 

Custard Berliner
Here it is, by popular demand! A soft yeast doughnut with vanilla cream.

Orange Mousse in a cup.

Orange Mousse
Another great after-meal addition based on fruit.

Forest Mousse
Tasty wild berry forest mousse. Use it as a filler too. This recipe is low-fat.

Grandma's Waffles
An easy to make memory!

Piñon Muffins
Something different for breakfast? Yes, please! A slightly sweet bread with pine nuts.

Lemon Bavarois
Or Bavarian lemon cream. As good as ice cream without the head freeze!

Milhojas de Turron
The combination of turron mousse, puff pastry and chocolate glaze makes it a winner.

Classic Doughnuts
Everybody loves a traditional American doughnut.

Chocolate Sabayon
Its refined taste and texture surpasses the mousse variant.

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse
You'll feel like a kid again with this one. Finger-licking permitted!