Low Carb Dessert
Recipes Anyone?

As you might have surmised from the health page, low carb dessert recipes have become more in demand. Not just for:

  • Diabetic reasons
  • Weight loss
  • Certain sports diets

Science is tailing the bad health effects of an excess of simple carbohydrates in our foods and drinks.

Simple carbs aren't necessarily bad for you. It's just that a massive amount became a regular part of our lifestyle. Either through constant cravings, because it's hidden in our meals or simply because we think it's normal.

Well, it isn't normal at all! We're overloading hugely! Consider for a moment the health issues of alcoholics and chain smokers. The obesity pandemic shows we're doing something wrong.

Over the years we can speak of a deterioration of the body and mind. Related diseases among them are:

  • Cancer
  • Dementia
  • Stroke

Enough traditional dessert recipes (such as tiramisu, eclairs, etc...) allow to be manipulated in such way that you could lower its carbohydrate and fat content. 

Mango flan as one of the low carb dessert recipesLow carb mango flan dessert with fresh fruits.

Do we Blame
it on Desserts?

Of course we need to know where the problem lies in order to make sustainable improvements. 

As long as we keep our daily diet high in simple carbs, it's easy to point fingers to the occasional dessert for any health related issue.

The truth is, every day we're having too much simple sugars in a less obvious way. You just have to be aware of it.

Here knowledge really is power.

A dessert a couple of times a week isn't that bad at all. It can actually contribute to a good health. You'll just have to learn to reduce simple sugars in meals.

But you'll always need complex carbohydrates to answer the energy need. Our brain in particular is a monster. That vital organ uses a whopping 60% of our food energy.

Are Low Carb Dessert
Recipes Possible?

Yes! Like in every quality restaurant, both carbohydrates and fat are in the right dosage where possible. 

...and we're not even talking about weight loss desserts!

Without engaging in the Atkins philosophy, sugar and fat (see low fat desserts) can either be lowered or replaced/mixed with a substitute.

Bringing these two macronutrients down will obviously make lower calorie desserts.

Not every recipe allows drastic changes in its composition. So if you're looking for a more extreme approach you might want to look for dedicated websites such as Atkins.com.

A few ideas to lower carbohydrates:

  • Portion sizing.
  • Mix sweetener with sugar or replace sugar entirely if recipe permits.
  • Use whole wheat flour instead of refined.
  • If possible, beat enough air into fillings.
  • Carriers and shells don't always have to be too thick nor completely covering. 

Exit the Carb Culture!

Thanks to our carbohydrate culture we have elevated levels of insulin in our blood. That's not a good thing!!

We need to rethink what we eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Good dessert recipes are just a small part of the equation. After all, we don't have to have them every day. And yes, we can go one step further by:

  • Adding fibres (fruit, etc..)
  • Using sweeteners
  • Changing the composition

...and carefully selecting the right desserts at your local bakery / store. 

For diabetics, low carb dessert recipes are no luxury. Maybe we can all reflect on that. How detrimental an excess of any macro-nutrient can be to our well being.

So no, those of you who adhere to a well balanced daily diet should not fear the occasional dessert. In fact, they help to not feel deprived and are a good, nutrient rich energy source. 

Cherish those little moments of joy!