Mousse Recipes

Like cream, these mousse recipes are a base ingredient of  patisserie. I have a slight preference for mousses for its richness.

They are certainly delicious as stand-alone desserts. But combined in a pie or individual pastry they can wow anyone.

I used to have an acquaintance who even used mousses as a bread spread.

They are usually made with whipped egg whites and/or whip cream to give its fluffy and creamy consistency.

Always chill mousse recipes when they're done. It'll give a denser texture, which is sometimes necessary. For example, as a filling between layers of puff pastry.

* * * *

Raspberry Mousse
There's something about the taste of raspberries that works in many ways. One of my favorite fruits in patisserie. This recipe is low-fat.

Turron Mousse
One of the finest turron mousse recipes. It resembles a creamy nougat. Very tasty!

Orange Mousse in a cup.

Orange Mousse
Another great after-meal addition based on fruit.

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse
You'll feel like a kid again with this one. Finger-licking permitted!

Forest Mousse
Tasty wild berry forest mousse. Use it as a filler too. This recipe is low-fat.

Mousses, like creams, are also a product of years of refinement.

Some of them can be made well in advance others will have to be made just before serving.

Generally, mousse recipes with egg whites can not be stored in the freezer. Not only will it liquify the whites, there's also the danger of food poisoning.