Omelet Strawberry Souffle

Sometimes less is more. Some desserts fulfill the promise of being as good as how appetizing they look, with just a few ingredients. 

Omelet souffle with strawberries and powder sugar

You might be tempted for a second serving, proving that basic ingredients is all it takes. The extra fibres and vitamin C will convince any nutritionist.

  • 3 eggs
  • 65 g icing sugar
  • 30 g all purpose flour
  • 20 g cream
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • a pinch of salt
  • some butter
  • extra icing sugar

Strawberries: 200 g cut in half, sprinkled with 1,5 tbsp of fine sugar.

  1. Cut strawberries in half and sprinkle 1,5 tablespoons of fine sugar. Stir gently to cover the fruit with the sugar. Leave in refrigerator until needed.
  2. Beat egg yolks and sugar until pale yellow. Add cream and vanilla. Stir!
  3. Beat egg whites with salt until firm. Add to yolk mix including sifted flour.
  4. Fold everything with a spatula to blend. You should have a mousse like batter.
  5. At low-medium heat, melt some butter (for taste) and bake half the cream in a teflon (non-stick) pan as if it were a regular omelet. After 7 or 8 minutes turn omelet around and bake until light brown.
  6. Move to a shallow plate and cover half the omelet with half the strawberries. Fold the omelet over the strawberries. Sprinkle some icing sugar.
  7. Use the remaining strawberries for the next omelet. 

Tools used: Teflon pan, hand mixer, sieve, spatula, whisk.