Considering Pastry Equipment

I could blindly hand you a list of pastry equipment recommendations. It feels good owning something you might need some day, especially when it's heavy and sophisticated.

It's more likely you're going to find yourself spending a lot of money on tools that you hardly need.

Call them essential instruments, a hobby chef has a more extended equipment set compared to the list below.

Someone may specialize by preferation or through cultural heritance. Whatever the backstory, you're going to see a different pastry equipment set each time. 

What may be a necessity for one person may not be the case for another. I would start with having a sense of general kitchen instruments.

One could do without for example a stand mixer for a long while, it all depends. But some items are just a standard requirement.

Measuring Instruments

Oven thermometer

Things You Can't do Without

A few indispensable (besides common utensils like spatulas and knives) kitchen aids are:

  • An accurate scale
  • A good oven
  • A hand mixer
  • A cooling rack
  • A timer
  • An oven thermometer
  • Mixing bowls
  • Baking forms

...and for some of you perhaps a good ice cream machine. Most of the common tools and utensils (like bowls, knives and spatulas) are probably already in your possession since they have a general purpose in cooking.

These can include (pastry) supplies such as baking mats, grids, baking paper and so on.

These are an absolute minimum as a starter. The essential gear set of a pastry chef is of course more extensive as their knowledge and experience allows them to produce a wider range of desserts.

That's it! Ask yourself if this is everything you want? How far are you willing to take your hobby of making dessert recipes?

If the idea is to grow towards a real patisserie then you will need to reconsider your options, which is outside of this website's scope.

A small, commercial pastry oven can cost as much as €500, at minimum!

In the end, owning expensive pastry equipment that you hardly use won't make you a better hobby (pastry) chef.

Large Appliances

Stand mixer
Stick blender
Ice-cream maker
Hand mixer
Cooking stove
Pastry guitar
Pastry oven

Larger Pastry Equipment

I know one thing, we all want to create that amazingly yummy dessert. We don't need pricey baking equipment for that. 

Some of them do make life easier by cutting time. To some degree, they improve the quality of your baking.

I for one, am overly protective of expensive, (electrical) pastry machines. I would completely understand if you were too, especially when kids are around.

So when the question is posed of what you need, it depends on:

  • What you're going to make frequently
  • The type of dessert
  • For how many people
  • Your budget

You may also want to consider the space availability in the kitchen.

Let me remind you that some of the tools weren't available in the 1800's and before. Yet they managed to make the most delicious desserts!

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